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Child Feeding Community of Practice Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Lyn Brock
Please ask any questions about the research articles here - or we will pause later for verbal questions.
Dorina Espinoza
I'll leave and log back
Edith Duran
so in my sites we have the "don't yuck someones yum" for kids tasting new things, so what is your recomendations for when students are trying new things that they think they might like
Edith Duran
Edith Duran
Edith Duran
Edith Duran
so i do ask them to use the one bite rule
Rosemary Carter
we discuss the only way you will know if you like a food is to try it.
Edith Duran
yes thanks
Leah Sourbeer
sensory exploration of new foods takes the pressure off of eating the food.
Lorena Hoyos
Ask other parents in the group what they do to get their children to try new foods.
Marlyn Pulido
Your role as a parent is just to always offer and have available the healthy foods. The childs role is to decide whether they will eat it or not. You don't want to force them and let them learn to eat the family foods. Also kids preferences will change with every age.
Marlyn Pulido
What do we define a picky eater as? the presentation said 25% of kids were picky eaters, how did they find that?
Edith Duran
A mom recently asked me if it was okay to hide vegetables in their smoothies. She blends spinach into smoothies, but her child believes he doesn't like spinach eventhough he eats it all the time. I told her whatever works for her as long as he is getting those nutrients, but i'm unsure if that response was correct or not.
Marlyn Pulido
Make it fun, show them how much you enjoy eating it.
Rosemary Carter
Serve the new food with a food that is familiar and they like.
Edith Duran
Have the kids help prepare it.
Marlyn Pulido
I tell parents its fins to hide them if you are afraid they are not getting the nutrients they need, but never stop offering the vegetables themselves or showing how much you like to eat them. You take away the chances for the kid to learn to like it/try it. Repeated exposure will help them get more familiar with the foods and hopefully they will one day feel confortable enough to try it.
Maria Carbajal
I had a parent say that her child is a toddler and does not want to eat food but her toddler drinks a lot of milk. Her question was if this ok? should i be worried about him not eating?
Lorena Hoyos
Ditto what Angela is saying. I've added that they are not getting nutritents form the other food groups if they are drinking lots of milk and not eating other foods.
Shirley Salado
Can you provide the email where to order “Fuel Their Minds” Thank you.
Karina Diaz Rios
Thank you for all your comments—they are all on point and very helpful!
Rosemary Carter
are these newsletters for parents or educators?