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UCANR Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Rose Hayden-Smith
Sounds great.
Luis Espino
Can you expand on the current administrative cost ANR has? How do we compare with others (campus, other states) and with the past (referring to our previous structure of regional directors). Thanks
Lori Renstrom
What is being done to address the next wave of retirements? There are several staff who have many years left before retirement and they are sincerely worried about their future with ANR given the current budget climate and dwindling academic staff.
Jan Gonzales
With former Academic positions not being filled at this time, should UCCE provide referrals to reputable science-based resources to local county program clientele-base developed by former Advisor? Without a quality referral (internal UC or external), it feels like we leave these clients hanging and they often turn to less-than-science-based resources.
Wendy Powers-Schilling
Dig Deep, June 5th
Lori Renstrom
As a follow up to that question - how do we know where to find that information
Regarding the other vice provost position, I don’t know what level of support you think there is among staff here but I have never heard anyone talking about a need for more administrators
If anything we need more academic staff and more funding for research
David Hatter
Thank you